Important Benefits of Having a Wellness Program in the Workplace

Wellness in the simplest term is a state of having a healthy lifestyle. You hear and see the word ‘wellness’ in most places and platforms like TV commercials, food packaging, and magazines. However, wellness is more than just a trend, it’s a process of choosing a fulfilling and healthy life. While you can decide on yourself to live a healthy lifestyle, not all have the mindset to do that, and that’s where wellness programs come in. 

Most large companies make wellness programs as part of the employees’ perks and since then, they are also now common among small and medium-sized businesses. Now, how do these programs affect overall behavior in the workplace? Let’s visit the essential benefits of a wellness program in an organization. 

It Improves Employees’ Health Behaviors

A wellness program guides people so they can maintain and adopt healthy behaviors. An individual can change behaviors if given the right education, motivation, skills, and social support. And by health behaviors, we mean eating healthier food and having them in smaller portions, they smoke less, drink moderately, they exercise more and they’re pretty good at handling stress. 

A Wellness Program Improves Productivity

The low productivity rate of an employee comes from unhealthy lifestyle choices. As a result, an individual seems to get lost and distracted in the workplace. The consistency of having positive health behaviors affects a person’s performance at work. 

A study by Pauline Drury in 2016 revealed, companies that encourage a ‘wellness culture’ show care for their employees and in return, the organization can expect a payoff in the form of productivity and motivation. 

It Reduces Health Risks and Health Care Costs

With consistency in practicing behaviors results in lower health risks, which will eventually lead to lower risks for chronic disease; with lesser chronic diseases, employees will have fewer health care expenses. 

High blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, and high blood cholesterol are mostly caused by unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical movement. Having a healthy diet and exercise are two categories of healthy behaviors. 

Reduces Absenteeism

Health-related concerns, burnout, and stress are some of the reasons why employees take a leave of absence from work. However, if they are stress-free and healthy, the possibility of them being absent from work is lower. They are more likely invested and motivated to be more productive on tasks at hand. And if they have high morale, they are likely to perform well at work. 

Increases Employee Retention

An employer who provides wellness programs to their employees helps keep them loyal. One cannot count out the benefits of a wellness program to the company. More importantly, it shows that employees are being taken care of in the workplace by providing programs that help in achieving personal goals.

More and more employees are looking into health and wellness program perks in companies, and making them a factor when choosing for an employer. 

Helps Sustain High Morale among Employees

The morale and happiness of employees are essential factors in determining the success of an organization. A wellness program gives opportunities to employees to develop a sense of teamwork and community in the workplace. A wellness program may include team gatherings such as sports events that allow employees to get some exercise and spend some time outside the workplace. 

Improves Employee Engagement

Engagement in a sense that employees can connect employees more to the company and fellow employees. Activities involving health and fitness, walking meetings and other group activities let employees discuss, engage and form relationships among them. These kinds of activities also improve communication among the team, so you can assure that company meetings and brainstorming will be just another boring discussion; instead, it will be a healthy and productive exchange of ideas among the members. 

Final Thoughts

An effective wellness program is not only about getting good results for the company, more importantly, but it also helps the employees realize their aspirations and goals. It will make them feel appreciated and valued in an organization, and eventually help them achieve success at work. When an employee has good health behaviors, it results in a healthy lifestyle, which results in high morale and productivity at work. 

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